10 Off-Page Optimization Strategies

In as much as you would want to focus much on on-page optimization, off-page aspect of it is equally important. This is because you still need to reach out to a wide audience than what On-page optimization can offer. Actually, it may never be possible for on-page optimization to be successful without off-page input. This simply tells you that there is a lot of benefits connected to off-page optimization.

What exactly is Off-page optimization? This is an SEO approach that aims at implementing strategies outside the actual site. Everything is done from outside with an aim of attracting traffic to the respective site. The best thing is that there are innumerable strategies that you can use for Off-Page optimization.

However, in as much as there are so many off-page optimization strategies, you have to consider key factors that can aid in ensuring success ultimately. The kind of audience that you intend to address should be your primary factor. You should therefore define your audience first, and then launch your off-page optimization campaign.

Below are 10 things you can do to succeed in off-page optimization:

  1. Guest Posting (Very Effective)

Guest posting has always been there. In fact, the strategy is not going anywhere soon. Why, there is massive power in guest posting. The truth is that most people snub guest posting for some shoddy reasons. Some claim that it is a trick to fill content in other people’s sites, while others consider it to be an unfruitful endeavor. To be clear with you, some notions (or rather stereotypes) will eventually ruin your digital marketing and online business in general.

It is about time you viewed guest from a different perspective, this time positive. If you must know, guest posting is not only productive, but also really powerful in Off-Page optimization. All you need is to search for high authority sites and submit your articles. Do not forget to include a referral link in your work. Believe it or not, if guest posting turns successful, over 50% of total traffic in your site will be from authority sites. This will not only make your services viral, but also garner confidence from a large number of clients out there.

In order to make it in guest-posting, you must ensure that your content in nothing short of high-quality. Most sites that allow guest posting do a thorough scrutiny on any submission and they will not hesitate to reject shoddy work. You must therefore meet the threshold set by authority sites for your guest post to be published.

  1. Article Submission

Article submission has some commonalities with guest posting. However, differences in the two overrule the similarities. Article submission is where you create an account with common directories online and submit your pieces often. Such directories do not have strong restrictions as guest posting sites do.

It is very easy to join article directories. All you need is to choose one that has high traffic. Remember that your aim is to re-channel traffic from such sites to yours. When submitting your articles, you need to ensure that at least 2 links are included. Note that it is with the help of your links that traffic will find its way to your site.

Another important thing to bear in mind when submitting articles to directories is relevance. Your content must be relevant with the directory theme and also that of your site. Your lines of argument must tally in all aspects.

  1. Social Networking (Highly Recommented)

Social media is and will remain a superpower in the online divide. This is something you cannot afford to overlook if your aim is to make the best in Off-Page optimization. There is much strength in social networking than anything else out there.

According to emarketer.com, the ratio of social media users to non-users across the globe stands at 1:4. This means that in every 5 people in the world, 4 of them are members of a certain social platform. Back in 2012, emarketer.com speculated that the number of social media users would rise from 1.47 billion to 1.73 billion by 2015. This reflects 18% increase rate in the number of social media users.

Only an insane person can be blind enough not to see the impact that social media can create in your off-page optimization campaign. The basic idea here is to join social media sites and share your web links with your friends. You can also develop a forum where you will be answering questions regarding your niche of specialization. If used in the right way, social media can be your only source of traffic. Numbers there are simply overwhelming.

  1. Video Marketing

Naturally, videos are enticing to human eyes. 90% of web visitors would prefer watching videos than reading through blog posts. This explains the need to engage in video marketing. You can come up with clips showing some of the products and also advocating for your site. Such clips can then be posted to video sites like YouTube.

Considering that YouTube is the largest video platform there is, you can greatly benefit from it in terms of traffic. The idea here is to optimize your videos in order to enhance their visibility on YouTube. With over 1 billion YouTube visitors, it is a pure guarantee that video marketing can work positively for you.

So, what should your videos contain? Tutorial form of videos is considered very effective for SEO. Detailed videos are also considered best. In a nutshell, you should communicate your point entirely in your videos. Clarity is of much essence.

  1. Create E-Books

Did you know that Amazon alone has over 2 million eBooks? Now you can imagine the number ebooks that are in all online platforms. The large number of eBooks available online is an indication that there is a very strong demand on that. In this regard, you might consider creating a PDF eBook regarding your online products and publish them in major platforms like Amazon Kindle.

It should strike your mind that there are people who are much connected to ebooks than articles and other forms of web content. It is for this reason that you should consider encompassing your potential clients without leaving out any. In your ebooks, you should consider directing clients to your site by giving links.

A good idea would be offering your eBook at no charges at all. After all, other financial gains await you in the products you sell in your site. Earning the confidence of your clients should come first. You can upload your eBook in Facebook groups or even SEO forums for people to download for free. This will go a long way in portraying your generosity and also driving traffic to your site.

  1. Q & A

A Question and Answer forum is very effective in off-page optimization. In this case, you can create an article that adopts the format of Questions and Answers, particularly in your niche of interest. This is not only a way of engaging your clients, but also a way of proving your expertise.

It is important to note that a Question and Answer formatted article is different from regular ones. They are unique in the sense that a direct solution is found in the process and this is exactly what your readers are in search for. In the process of offering your answers, you can provide your contacts, including your blog link in order to attract clients.

  1. Blog Commenting (Still Important)

A study by Independent Fashion Bloggers (ifb), indicate that 90% of the surfers do not engage in blog interactions. In other words, they just read and opt to keep mum. 9% of surfers are critics and editors. Their role is to straighten what they consider out of touch or misleading. They also play the role of adding more information with regard to the topic at hand. 1% of surfers seek clarifications from blogs by posting their comments.

You may have shallow eyes to consider 10% of the interactive online community as mediocre. The truth of the matter is that you can greatly benefit with the 10%. In this case, you can join those commenting, either as an editor, critic of a complementary. Either way, you will stand high chances of attracting heavy traffic to your site through blog commenting.

You can showcase your expertise in your niche by answering questions from other knowledge seekers in a certain blog. You can even refer them to your blog for more information. This is a very entertaining way of attracting clients. The use of an engaging tone is the core idea behind success in blog commenting.

  1. SEO Forums

So many people have the perception that SEO forums are not effective when it comes to Off-Page optimization. The number of SEO forums available keeps escalating by the day. There are over 10,000 forums that you can join and share ideas with other like-minded people. It is just a matter of choosing the best forum there is.

So, what should you do in SEO forums? It is very easy. Just like Facebook groups, you only need to contribute to a transpiring topic in that particular forum. You can interact with other SEO experts and learn in the process. You can even encourage other forum members to take a tour through your website and share their thoughts (Of course, you know that this is one of the hare-tricks to drive traffic to your site).

Also, do not forget to actively engage those who may be interested in the knowledge you have to offer. You will be amazed by the power held in SEO forums. It is simply incredible!

  1. Email Marketing

Another easy way of embarking in successful on-page optimization is by launching an email campaign. In this case, you will have to compose emails and the send them to your clients. Some may opt to do this manually especially if you are not subscribed to any email marketing services. However, if your site is self-hosted, then email marketing will be much easier.

It might interest you to know that over 100 billion emails are sent each day. It is actually speculated that the number of business emails sent per day will hit over 132 billions. Google has confirmed this. In short, email marketing is on a very high demand. If such a large number of emails transpire online, then garnering immense traffic from the trend is a high possibility.

It is pretty easy to engage in successful email marketing. First, you must ensure that the primary and secondary points are driven home. Your language should be clear and precise. Emails should be short as opposed to long. Above all, you must not forget to include your blog links for the sake of channeling traffic back.

  1. Image Submission

Well, not many people know that there are image directories online. Google Images is one of them. There are still so many other sites where images can be submitted. It is very important to take advantage of such directories and submit as many images as you can. Do not forget to give optimized captions to your images. Also, you must ensure that your images are of high quality, since Google may not rank poor ones.

Image relevance is very important. In this regard, you should be very selective with the images you submit in directories. They should tally with the products you are marketing and the theme of your site. In addition, your images must be original. Abuse of copyright is highly discouraged by Google and you can be penalized for that.

Aside from submitting images in directories, you can also include them in your posts. However, this is more on On-Page optimization. The bottom line is that images are very important in SEO and they should be considered as such.

Off-Page optimization is very fundamental for any digital marketer or any person who intends to go viral online. Its impact is too strong to the extent of dominating other forms of optimization strategies. It is for you to embrace the most effective off-page optimization strategy.

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