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About Plagiarism Checker

What Is Plagiarism Checker?


A plagiarism checker is a tool that compares a piece of text to a database of other texts to check if it contains any copied content. The tool is commonly used by writers, researchers, and educators to ensure that the content they produce is original and not taken from other sources without proper attribution.


Plagiarism checkers use algorithms to scan text for similarities with other content, including online sources, academic papers, and previously published work. The tool highlights any matching text and identifies the source of the content, allowing users to correct any instances of plagiarism or improper citation.


Using a plagiarism checker is an important step in maintaining academic integrity and avoiding the consequences of plagiarism, such as damaged reputation, legal action, or academic penalties. Many institutions and publishers require the use of plagiarism checkers as a standard practice to ensure the originality of written work.


How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?


Plagiarism checkers work by comparing a given text to a database of other texts, looking for similarities or matches. Here are the steps involved in how a plagiarism checker works:


Text submission: The user submits a piece of text they want to check for plagiarism to the plagiarism checker tool. This can be done by uploading a file or copy-pasting the text into the tool's interface.


Text analysis: The plagiarism checker tool then analyzes the text and breaks it down into smaller sections such as phrases, sentences, or paragraphs. It then compares these sections to a database of other texts to look for similarities.


Matching text identification: The tool identifies any matching text between the submitted text and the database of other texts. It also provides information on the source of the matching text, such as the website or publication.


Report generation: The tool generates a report that highlights the matching text and provides a similarity score indicating how much of the submitted text matches other texts. The report also includes a list of sources where the matching text was found.


Citation and correction: Based on the report generated, the user can correct any instances of plagiarism by properly citing the sources of the matching text. The user can also edit the text to make it more original, thereby avoiding the risk of plagiarism.


Overall, plagiarism checkers are essential tools that help ensure that written work is original and not copied from other sources without proper attribution.



How to Check Content for Plagiarism?

You can integrate our plagiarism checker API directly into your application or website. All you have to do is to sign up for the API key and then log into the API. Once done, create a process using any of the four ways; get the status of the process you used and the results of the scan. The result is a detailed comparison report, with similar content and related statistics.

Similarly, you can integrate our API with your internal database, Learning Management System (LMS), online learning platform, writing tools, and SEO authoring tools for plagiarism detection.


Can A Plagiarism Checker Be Wrong?

Of course, any plagiarism tool can miss small elements. However, we work hard at Copyleaks to make sure that we provide an extensive plagiarism checker that checks your work to ensure 100% authenticity.


How Accurate Are Plagiarism Checkers?

With Weburl Plagiarism Checker, we use the very best of AI, Machine learning, Multi-Language capability, and Multi-Layered and extensive search capabilities to provide you with the most accurate plagiarism results.


Do Plagiarism Checkers Steal Your Work?

Though you are inputting your work into a plagiarism checker, it is important to note that we will never steal your work. We will check your work for plagiarism and will allow you to download a report based on our checks.


What languages is your AI Content Detector able to detect?

Our AI Content Plagiarism Detector is the only platform that can detect multiple languages including English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese, with more languages to be introduced shortly. English accuracy is over 99%, and the accuracy of other languages is not far behind and getting more accurate daily.