Revolutionize Learning with Minecraft Education Edition!


The Agent in Minecraft Education Edition can be programmed to perform tasks like mining, building, & farming, making it an excellent tool for teaching coding and automation.

Agent Commands

Minecraft Education Edition includes a full Chemistry resource pack with over 30 compounds, a Material Reducer, and a Lab Table, allowing students to conduct virtual experiments.

Chemistry Resources

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) can be added to the game to provide information, ask questions, or give tasks, enhancing the interactive learning experience.

NPC Characters

The Classroom Mode companion app allows teachers to manage their virtual classroom, observe student activity & provide instant feedback within the game environment.

Classroom Mode

Teachers can create & share custom lesson plans tailored to specific educational goals, making Minecraft Education Edition a versatile tool across different subjects.

Customizable Lesson Plans

Students can collaborate on large-scale projects in a shared world, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Collaborative Projects

Minecraft Education Edition hosts global building competitions, encouraging students to showcase their creativity and learn from peers worldwide.

Global Competitions

The game integrates with Microsoft MakeCode, allowing students to learn and practice coding skills through engaging, hands-on projects.

Coding with MakeCode

The game includes STEM-focused modules, covering topics like electricity, space exploration, and sustainable living, making learning fun and immersive.

Immersive STEM Learning

Minecraft Education Edition offers lessons on digital citizenship, teaching students about online safety, etiquette, and responsible technology use.

Digital Citizenship Lessons

Students can use the game to create interactive stories, combining literacy skills with creative design and technical know-how.

Interactive Storytelling

Teachers can take students on virtual field trips to historical sites, underwater expeditions, or space missions, broadening their learning horizons.

Virtual Field Trips

The game incorporates Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) activities, helping students develop empathy, self-awareness, and relationship skills.

SEL Integration

Minecraft Education Edition includes accessibility features like text-to-speech, adaptable controls, and visual aids to support diverse learners.

Accessible Features

Microsoft offers professional development courses for educators to master Minecraft Education Edition & effectively integrate it into their teaching strategies.

Professional Development